Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grateful for the Support on My 3 Day Journey!

I could not have made it through the 3 Day experience on my own.  The support from others made it possible.  First, my husband was in my head constantly.  He had talked to me throughout training and assured me I was going to be tough enough.  The support of my kiddos was great too, and I loved seeing them at one of the cheering stations complete with signs! In addition, my parents even made it out to the family night at camp! In fact, I think my mom is even going to give it a shot next year with the 20 mile walk!

What helped a ton was this text that my husband sent:

"Pain goes away but the feeling of accomplishment will be felt forever!"

It was very much needed, as I had a lot of pain, but was looking forward to the accomplishment!  In fact, I often visualized the pride I would feel crossing the finish...which (each time) brought tears to my eyes throughout the walk. Thanks Brandon for being my #1 supporter!!

From start to finish, there were people cheering, giving high fives, and dancing for us.  There were people at every point offering snacks, sunscreen, tissue paper, popsicles, much needed ibuprofen, and a slew of other appreciated treats! People honked their horns and waved or yelled out words of encouragement. There were pit stops and grab and gos along the route which gave us something to look forward to.  The police on the route, as well as the intersection motorcycle helpers were awesome.  They played music, cheered us on, and even thanked us for our efforts.  All of this support and the people throughout the routes made it worth it!  

Here are some of my favorite supporter memories from the Michigan 2017 3 Day Walk:

To kick off our walk in Walled Lake, Sheri, a friend of some of our teammates, gave each of us a Starbucks gift card for the walk!  We enjoyed using it while walking through downtown Northville!  Thanks Sheri!


Then another friend of 2 of our teammates became our #1 Fan of the day!  Erica traveled with us all over Walled Lake and Novi, with her younger son in tow.  She cheered, honked her horn continuously, and even serenaded us with inspirational songs nearly the whole morning. It made us smile and giggle each time she popped up...but mostly it made us feel encouraged!  Thanks Erica!

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 9.08.14 AM.png

She shared the road with some other important vehicles...the sweeper vans!  They were essential as well, as each van was thematically decorated and constantly honked, cheered, and even cow belled! They were also there to check on us to make sure  we were OK, remind us to drink water, and be there if anyone needed a ride!  

Another way we felt encouraged was through music, and dancing became a nice way to break up the walking or distract us from the pain and/or exhaustion. There were several women along the route playing awesome music and dancing.  Music kept me motivated, especially when we danced through intersections with the motorcycle helpers.  It made it more fun to wait for the lights to change or give us a beat to stretch to!  

I appreciated the trail angels!  One guy, that I called The Medicine Man, had a table stocked with all essential items including ibuprofen and tylenol in small condiment containers, sunscreen, GasX, Tums, blister bandaids, tampons, and so much more.  He placed himself at about 4 stops each day, and he was such a welcome sight!  We chatted with him each time!  My fellow teammate Amanda struggled with blisters from day 1, and he was sooooo proud of her at the end.  He came up to her and gave her a huge hug, as he really didn’t expect to see her finish all 60 miles.  We so appreciated his gifts...including an ice cold one on the final day of the walk!  

In addition to him, there were people along the route offerenting water, snacks, candy, bathrooms, and even some extra special adult treats! The best was a Dearborn neighborhood that went ALL OUT! We were in awe of how they came together to show their support and have fun!  Boy did it help!  20170806_120200.jpg


The people coming out to support us from family to friends and the 3 Day Staff to strangers, made it possible for me to walk all 60 miles...even when the pain seemed unbearable.  They were able to make me smile and make it worth doing.

Finally a huge thank-you to my teammates “The Girls” for encouraging me, telling me they were proud of me, and sometimes being more patient and waiting. It was so awesome to truly feel like a team throughout the 3 Day journey!  I enjoyed getting to know them better and share this wonderful experience with them!


Thanks for reading! I have one more entry to publish reflecting on the internal strength needed and gained from my 3 day journey! Stay tuned!

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  1. Well girl you deserve a great round of applause for this. im so proud of you and everyone must be. your family specially your husband is very supportive you are lucky to have him and ur family with you.