Cheering Others On...Technology Presentations

I began presenting early in my career, after my 3rd year of teaching, at a Teacher 2 Teacher Conference through Oakland Schools.  I led a session on Computer Lab Lessons for Elementary Classrooms.  I remember a large part of my presentation was geared towards PowerPoint and neat websites we had used.  Oh how times have changed!

Beginning in 2004, I began presenting with my students at the MACUL Student Showcases, both in Lansing at the Capitol and at the MACUL Conferences. This provided me with a great way to begin to share what we were doing in the class and highlight the students who were doing some awesome things with technology.  We have presented Skype, Holiday iSpy books, Community Videos, Digital Autobiographies, and much, much more over the years.

In 2010, I presented for the first time at MACUL, the conference for the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning, on using Skype in the classroom.  Since then, I have presented many times both at the Fall and Spring Conferences on Edmodo, 21st Century Skills for the Elementary Teacher, Digital Storytelling, the One 1Pad Classroom, and even one about creating a vision before spending bond funds. It has been a wonderful experience to connect with Michigan educators and beyond each year at MACUL.

In 2012, I decided to give ISTE presenting a try.  I submitted a proposal to present Edmodo in the Elementary Classroom, and it was accepted!  I loved traveling to San Diego to present and connect with educators all over the world!  In 2013, after the release of Look I'm Learning, a documentary about digital learning in the classroom, I was able to travel to FETC for the first time and present BYOD and the film, as my class was one of the classes featured in the film.  In addition, I will also be presenting the film at ISTE and sharing how I use BYOD in my third grade classroom, as well as giving an Ignite presentation, presenting at the Edmodo booth, and doing a session on How to Make a Difference with One iPad. I am truly excited for ISTE 2013!


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