Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Keeping Your Students Engaged While Learning at Home

Since technology integration is one of my passions, I have been busy since last week creating screencasts with some of the tools that could be helpful. (I have been using Screencastify and it has been working out great for me.) I have been sharing them out, however, I thought perhaps I would consolidate them and share them on my blog (a blog I haven't updated in awhile!)

Flipgrid and See Saw

Breakout Edu

Formative Assessment with Google Slides

Google Applied Digital Skills

Fun with Formative Assessments

I was supposed to present "Fun with Formative Assessments" at the MACUL Conference on Friday, but it was canceled.  Instead, I created a screencast of my presentation. 

If I create more, I will be sure to share them out! 

Good luck, stay safe, and enjoy this adventure and challenge in our lives! We've got this! #BetterTogether!



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